Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Raspberry Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast

I love a good brunch. It’s all I think about after waking up the morning after a long night out. It was bad news when I lived in the same building as a Busboys & Poets, and is now bad again after a Founding Farmers opened up not too far from my new home. But it’s fun to make your own brunch because it’s way cheaper. Especially when you can buy an entire bottle of champagne for the same price as one mimosa at a restaurant. Mmmm, mimosas. I could have a mimosa (or 4) every morning. So, to celebrate spring break I made a brunch for my roommates, with raspberry cheesecake stuffed French toast as the main dish.

5 eggs
¼ cup vanilla soy milk
½ tbsp. vanilla extract
Sliced challah bread ½ inch thick
Small box of fresh raspberries
Cream cheese
1 tbsp butter

Puree the fresh raspberries. Whisk together the eggs, milk and vanilla extract. Heat the butter in the skillet. Then, cover one side of one piece of bread with cream cheese, and dip the plain side in the egg mixture. Pop the bread in the skillet, egg side down. Spoon a dollop of raspberry puree on top of the cream cheese. Take another slice of bread, dip one side in the egg mixture. Place it on top of the first slice of bread to make a cream cheese/raspberry sandwich, egg side up. After the first side has cooked, flip the sandwich over and cook until browned. Add maple syrup and enjoy! And don’t forget your mimosa, vitamin C is very important!

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